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Star Crossed Series 

(Deep Rising: Part 1) 

 Disclaimer:  I do not own any of the characters in this story.  Johnny and Sonya belong to the Mortal Kombat phenomenon, while the rest of the characters, places, and ideas belong to the creators of the movie Deep Rising.  This is not being written for money, just for fun. 

The sun slowly sank into the crystal waves, and a cool breeze brushed over my face.  I smiled, breathed deeply, and felt my body relax.  Finally.  A time to relax.  Down the deck, people chattered loudly, laughing and dancing and just enjoying themselves.  Many couples walked hand in hand as they smiled with bright eyes full of love.  My mind wandered to my own heart, and the feelings locked away there. 

“Hey, space cadet.”  I turned to look at my companion who came out of nowhere with a wine glass in each hand.  “You all right?”  I gratefully took a glass and smiled. 

“Never been better, especially with you here.”  Sonya scoffed and rolled her eyes then leaned against the banister.  I watched the last rays of sunlight dance on her face and illuminate her blonde hair with a soft red tinge.  For a moment, my breath caught as I stared at her when she turned and gazed back at me with those crisp brown green eyes that could bring a man to his knees. 

“What?” she asked as she quirked an eyebrow. 

“Nothing,” I replied flip.  “Just falling for you.”  Her eyes went cold for a moment as she answered. 

“Then I suggest you catch yourself before you hit bottom and get hurt.”  There was a low rumble in the distance; the threat of an approaching storm.  “I’m going in for a bite to eat.”  Around in my head her words flew as she walked into the crowd and disappeared.  There was a double meaning in that phrase, I was sure.  Though honestly, I never was very good at subtlety.  I sipped my champagne, took a last look at the sea, and proceeded into the large dancing and dinning hall of the Argonautica cruise ship.  All around, people from China, France, America, and other countries danced gaily to the lively instrumental music.  Waitresses in beautiful Chinese gowns served various drinks ranging from club soda to margaritas.  As I scanned the crowd, I noticed famous Asian stars, foreign politicians, and big heads from booming businesses throughout Europe.  I paused for a bit to sign some autographs from fans, who I adore dearly by the way, before spotting Sonya at the bar.  Figures.  She was talking with someone.  A seaman it looked like.  My face grew hot and I clenched my teeth.  If he’s picking her up, I’ll snap his neck.  Slowly, calmly, I approached the bar and tuned into their conversation. 

“-The newest technology from naval flight ships have been studied, copied, and added into our latest development of sonar and weather tracking equipment.  This keeps us ahead of possible dangers, while the engines run on the quietest and smoothest motors in existence, making the Argonautica the safest and most comfortable cruise line going into the twenty first century,” the 20-year-old crewmember finished with a toothy smile.  Sonya nodded and returned the gesture, though her smile looked so fake from my view that I broke into a chuckle.  I puffed out my chest slightly and sauntered over to Sonya’s side. 

“Hello Sweetheart, what’s up?” I asked cheerfully as I draped my arm across her shoulders.  “Oh, I’m sorry sir.  Am I interrupting something?”  The gentleman, perhaps an officer of the ship, looked surprised by the intrusion, then angry, and then doubtful. 

“Uh, no sir.  Uh, the lady and I were just making small talk while I was waiting for my drink to be prepared.”  The young man turned and picked up a glass from the bar.  He took a sip.  “Ah, fantastic as usual.  Well, thank you for your time, Mademoiselle, and I hope you both enjoy your time on board.  Excuse me.”  He turned, and walked off to mingle.  I smirked at my victory and then turned to my prize.  And I paled lightly.  Sonya wasn’t even this livid when she was arguing with Shang Tsung. 

“Um, did I-“ My breath left in a harsh current of air as Sonya back fisted me in the stomach before I could finish speaking. 

“You arrogant, air headed, selfish, over possessive prick!” Sonya hissed through clenched teeth.  “How dare you act like my owner!?” 

“I was playing your savior to his boring lecture.” 

“What, were you eavesdropping too?  Now I can’t even hold a conversation without being under surveillance?”  I coughed a bit more as I regained my ability to breath properly. 

“No, it’s not like that!  I just-“ 

“What?” she challenged.  Ok, apologies work. 

“I’m sorry for whatever I said earlier that got you upset, and for over reacting now.  I guess I am ‘over possessive’ like you said, but I can’t really help it.  I guess,” I started, putting on my best smile, “It’s just a guy thing.”  I couldn’t help feeling a little nervous as she stared at me doubtfully, so I did the first thing that came to mind.  I gently lifted her hand to my lips and lightly kissed her knuckles. 

“Forgive me?” I asked playfully, but with a serious undertone.  Her cold exterior melted slightly, and a smile played on her lips. 

“Ugh, charm!”  She rolled her eyes.  “I hate charm.  It makes me feel too much like a lady.”  I chuckled softly. 

“A lady would never dare do anything improper or that suggested dirty ideas.  A lady would never act wild and free.  A lady,” I grinned as I pulled her with me onto the dance floor.  “Would never tango.”  Suddenly, I dipped her and she gave a tiny yelp of surprise.  Sonya laughed as I pulled her up; we proceeded to dance to the pulsing music. 

“I’m still angry with you,” she piped in my ear when I pulled her into a spin. 

“Ah, I love a woman with fire in her eyes.”  Sonya clucked her tongue as she shook her head in defeat. 

“Lame, you are so lame.”  I laughed and lead her around in circles, spinning her out on the dance floor with quick, accented movements.  Sonya’s lithe body swayed seductively, and as I glanced fleetingly about the throngs of people, I noticed most guys staring enviously at me.  Such a thrill surged through me as I gladly showed off to the world that Sonya was mine.  The band came to a fantastic end, and everyone clapped.  A bit winded, I escorted Sonya to a table and we ordered drinks. 

A couple of hours passed as we just sat back, talking about anything that came to mind.  The alcohol was beginning to hit me, and I was feeling a bit tipsy.  Sonya, on the other hand, went from completely sober to falling off her chair, and then back to a soberish state.  I was floored.  Either she had an amazingly fast metabolism that eliminated the alcohol in her system in minutes, or she was a better actor than me.  Which I doubted, considering I was one of the best.  A soft romantic tune filtered through the air, and Sonya stood suddenly.  Her hand was held out, and there was a compelling glint in her eyes. 

“Dance with me.”  I grinned as I took her hand and we walked over to a vacant spot on the floor.  Sonya circled her arms about my neck, my hands moved to rest hotly on her hips.  We swayed, never saying a word, instead just enjoying the intimacy of the moment.  My eyes closed of their own accord and I smiled in content.  Sonya’s head rested on my shoulder, and just as everything felt perfect, we stumbled. 

“Whoopsy!”  Sonya giggled as we steadied ourselves.  I looked at her, surprised.  She gazed back blankly.  “What?” 

“Did you just giggle?”  She scowled. 

“I am not drunk.” 

“I didn’t ask if you were drunk-“ 

“You were thinking it.”  She stopped for a moment, pulled away, and proceeded to touch her nose with her finger.  “See?  I’m am perfectly Johnny, fine.”  ‘I’m am?  Johnny, fine?’  Then in a gesture totally un-lady like, Sonya stuck her tongue out at me.  So, you want to play that way, baby?  I gripped her arm above the elbow and leaned close to whisper in her ear. 

“Careful, Lieutenant.  I may take that as an invitation, or an offer.”  I heard her laugh softly as she moved against me lightly. 

“I know,” she whispered back.  Uh, oh.  Things were getting dangerous. 

As the song ended, people clapped, and suddenly there was a deep rumbling as Chinese drummers pounded away to a fast and powerful tempo.  Sonya's hand slipped in mine, and I looked down on her face, which glowed brightly in the well-lit ballroom.  She turned, her ruby dress swirling about her voluptuous curves, and pulled me off the dance floor.  We continued walking to the elevator, and got inside.  She hit the button for our floor, and I started to ask her what we were doing, but she put her finger on my lips. 

"Wait," was all she said. 

"4th floor," the computer voice said as the elevator came to a stop.  "Doors opening."  We stepped out onto the carpeted hall and Sonya pulled me down to her room.  She pulled her keycard from her purse, unlocked the door, walked inside, and pulled me in after her.  I heard the door lock as she shut it, and I tried to look relaxed albeit my rushing pulse. 

"Where's the light switch?" I asked as I put my hand along the wall. 

"I don't think we'll be needing that," Sonya whispered in my ear.  My heart started to pound as I felt her press against me slightly, but then she moved away. 

"Are we going to be playing flashlight tag?"  There was a sizzle as Sonya struck a match, and I watched her light 5 candles that illuminated the room nicely.  She blew out the match, then grabbed the tail ends of my dress coat and pulled me towards her.  Her smile dazzled me, and I became entranced by her gorgeous eyes. 

"I was thinking more of... hide and seek."  Her head moved closer to mine, and her tongue lightly grazed my chin, then traced my jaw line and trailed down my neck.  I stifled a groan, and my hands came up to circle her small waist.  Butterfly kisses danced up to my ear, and she whispered again.  "I'll hide under the covers, and you come and find me."  I shuddered, and my hands ran up her back along her spine, to the base of her neck where I tilted her lightly and grazed her lips with my own. 

"I don't know what's gotten into you," I breathed against her mouth, "but I'm lovin' it."  I moved to kiss her again, but she stepped away and circled behind me.  Slowly, she pulled my coat off, and worked at my tie.  I wanted to kiss her again.  I couldn't get enough of her mouth.  I turned to face her, then cried out in surprise as she pushed me back onto the bed.  As my senses regained their balance, I felt her climb on top of me.  Her brown green eyes gazed down on me, and I studied her face, looking to see if she was drugged or drunk.  As crazy as it sounds, this was just too good to be true, considering I had enough trouble just trying to kiss her let alone getting her in bed with me.  But she looked sober, like she was in control of herself.  She knew what she was doing, I hoped.  I don't think I could have been happier. 

"Johnny.  I never said thank you for coming to rescue me from Shang Tsung." 

"I would have come for you, with or without Liu's help.  And I would have fought Tsung myself to get you back."  My hand reached up and brushed over her cheek, much like that time on the island, when I asked her to trust me.  Only this time, she didn't jerk away.  She smiled, and nestled into my hand like a cat to its master.  I moved my hand around to her neck, and brought her head down to mine.  Our lips met, and for a moment I forgot who I was, or where, or why.  My pulse thundered in my ears, and for the first time since I could remember, I experienced pure bliss.  Slowly, the kiss deepened, as Sonya's hands moved over my shoulders and down my chest, working at the buttons of my dress shirt.  I heard her moan lightly as I moved my hands along her back to her sides, pulling at the zipper under her right arm to reveal the smooth skin of her waist.  I gasped into her mouth when I felt her hands make contact with my skin as they brushed over my chest and down my stomach.  Her lips left mine, her mouth began to trail down my neck and I groaned softly when her teeth teased my collarbone.  Two can play like this, sweets.  My right hand slid along her back in a gentle caress as my left hand slipped between the materials of her dress where the zipper was undone.  She shivered lightly as my hand touched her soft skin.  My fingers probed gently then moved upward and the tips of my fingers brushed the underside of her lace bra.  I smiled as she moaned my name, and my thoughts swirled in confused bliss, until a terrible screeching sound shocked me into awareness.  I felt Sonya sit up swiftly, but she was tossed to the floor as the ship tilted sharply to the side. 

"Sonya!" I yelled as I, too, was thrown from the bed.  I landed next to her, and cringed at the hideous sound of metal folding into itself some many feet below us.  What the fuck?!  I reached for my companion, but had no time to think of the occurrences that caused the ship to jolt as I looked up and watched a bookcase topple over on me.  Sonya's name passed my lips once more as the furniture crashed down around me, and then my consciousness blanked into darkness. 

A persistent beeping continued to beat into my waking consciousness.  Goddamn alarm.  I tried to reach for the clock, but something kept me pinned down.  Something heavy.  That’s when I remembered.  Sonya, alcohol, bed… 

“Sonya!”  I pushed up against the heavy bookcase and after a few moments, I was able to flip in onto its back and stand up.  “Sonya?”  I took a moment to check myself.  No injuries, it felt like, just some stiffness.  I reached for the light switch and a soft white light filled the room… which was in ruins.  Tables were overturned; shelving lay askew on the floor.  Sonya was gone.  Thanks for your help with the bookcase, Sonya.  I moved to the door and went out into the hallway.  The deserted and completely silent hallway. 

“… Okay…”  Stiff limbs protested quietly as I pressed for the elevator, but I stopped short as I looked down the hall at a door that was practically ripped off its hinges.  There was a large hole in the middle, and jagged splints of wood reached out in a plea for attention.  Looks like it was shot in… so why wasn’t anyone inspecting it?  A few quick strides and I was over at the door.  The bell for the elevator rang absently in my mind.  The puncture goes in, but the door’s been pulled out.  Inside the room there was nothing but a clashing chaos of tables, lamps, and other little things.  Still, no sign of life.  This was actually getting freaky.  The worst of it was the silence.  I thought about the accident, and tried to come to a plausible solution.  A torpedo?  No, no explosion.  Ran aground?  No, we’re in the middle of the China Sea, and their technology is too advanced.  Crashed into another ship?  Possible, I guess, if there was a glitch in the sonar.  But that would have to be a pretty big glitch to miss a ship large enough that would cause us to tilt.

“Damnit, I’m an actor, not a cop.”  Sigh.  Well, these ideas are the best I’ve got, so…  “Ok, let’s say a torpedo.  The ship would be burning, while taking on water.  They’d evacuate ship so… The lifeboats!”  I ran out of the room and along the corridor to the doors that led outside.  I threw the doors open and shivered as the freezing wind and rain bit viciously at my bared chest.  I pulled my dress shirt tight and looked through the haze of night at the shapes hanging over the side of the banister.  Shit.  The boats were still there. 

“What?”  I dodged back inside as I surveyed my new findings.  The boats are still there.  No one left.  So where-?  I stiffened.  An attack.  Maybe there was an attack on the ship, and everyone they found was killed. 

“But Sonya…”  She could be dead also, or taken hostage.  But was it really possible with a ship of 5,000 passengers and 2,000 crew members.  Then I heard it.  Gunshots.